Happy New Year 2020!

Since it’s 2020 I really want to write a tech diatribe on why we don’t have flying cars or real AI yet, but I’ll hold off on that. Maybe it’s enough to say we seem obsessed with the future in a way that devalues the present; indulging in vicarious chronological arrogance. Maybe it doesn’t help to feel that everything is transient.

Today’s my first day back at work after a two week hiatus. To my surprise, I feel energized and somewhat renewed. The break worked better than I thought it would. I have never done well at repeating the same tasks over and over every day, so this current job has been a challenge. It’s a little too “regular”. I’ve done better at work with moderate, reliable change, where situations are varied but familiar. Otherwise I tend to obsess and optimize, until I reach the limit of that becoming bored and frustrated. This is apparently also a great way to annoy the people I work with.

David and I both stalled on the blog in 2019. This was partly due to personal and professional challenges, but maybe we should just have blogged about those challenges? I want to create content with “value”. A significant problem for our modern world is information pollution, a preference for quantity over quality and immediacy over substance. We don’t want to add to that. But ultimately it’s your prerogative as the reader to find value where you will, and rely on your own judgment. So we don’t want to over filter or censor ourselves either. And maybe there’s value to that.

For me, 2019 was a year of coming to terms with ASD as a “normal” part of my life. I still habitually regard it as an aberration I need to hide, control and overcome. It’s a relief to get more comfortable with it; manage it rather than fighting it. Perhaps also realizing that it’s not something I’m “doing wrong” and it won’t go away.

2020 I think will be about being more “integrated”. I have always lived with a sense of division that reflects the aspie process of Masking. I doubt that you can really drop the mask completely but the goal is to reduce it or “manage” it better. If it can be a choice rather than an obligation that should make the situation more bearable, and honestly it just needs to be less fragmented.

So, look forward to more from us in 2020.

Happy New Year!


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