Rain in LA

A low probability event.

It’s raining in LA this morning. Usually, chaos ensues. It’s partly that people are not prepared for it and don’t know how to drive in it. It’s partly because the storm drains become instantly overwhelmed flooding roads and intersections.

But it’s also very peaceful and gives a different vibe to the city.

I always loved the rain. In particular the thunderstorms that would roll in from the ocean in east-coast Australia. Swirling storm cells grumbled their way across the landscape, lashing out at trees and buildings, settling sullenly on the mountains. I felt their pain.

Simple rain has a different charm. While the masses lamented the lost of bright skies, I found comfort in the subdued environment. It seemed a kinder, gentler world. Calmer. Less of an assault on the senses. More accessible. Brought down to my level and swaddled in a warm blanket of white noise.

So for a moment this morning the city seems at peace. Content with itself.

And there wasn’t too much chaos.


Fun fact which may or may not be true: French composer Erik Satie, well known for his Gymnopedies, was said to only leave his Parisian apartment when it rained, and to take an immaculately folded umbrella which he never opened.

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