2021 Reflections/Refractions

What just happened? 2021 Final Edition.

Texting holiday greetings with a friend from a job I used to have a long time ago in a place far, far away, he asks whether 2021 was a “good year”. The honest answer: not really. It wasn’t bad, yet it wasn’t good, or anything you’d want to repeat.

Work in 2021 was busting my guts at difficult jobs that didn’t go anywhere. There was no opportunity to move up, or really any direction other than a slow grind forward, head down, eyes wide shut. And it was all a grind. That was better than being out of work for half of 2020, and I might have made as much money as 2019, but it was fraught with uncertainty, complexity and lack of opportunity.

2021 chewed my life and spat it out.

Another ex-coworker, actually from the same facility in Atlanta, posted a meme on FB that sums up 2021 for me: This year I survived. Next year I want to live!

Some of this was pandemic restrictions and the work-from-home situation killing anything other than the most formal, job-related activities. It not only limited the personal, but extracurricular projects, networking and anything value-added that might have happened outside of just pushing 1s and 0s for $$$.

Working remotely: cramming my life into a wire for 10 hours a day.

So, not a “good” year. Not a disaster, but frustrating and hopefully not the new normal.


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