What Would You Want Teachers to Know?

Looking back in hope of moving forward. Yesterday in an ASD support forum somebody asked for advice to include in a package for teachers and group leaders on working with kids with ASD. I had a miserable time in school, so I sent in some thoughts, hoping other kids might avoid what I had goneContinue reading “What Would You Want Teachers to Know?”

Thoughts from the Zombie Apocalypse

When what we don’t know can kill us. I have been balking on publishing this post, which I started a month or so ago. I don’t want to say anything insensitive about COVID-19, which has killed many thousands of people. And I don’t want to be accused of “NT Bashing”. But I do want usContinue reading “Thoughts from the Zombie Apocalypse”

Harassment Prevention Training

Not As Much Fun As It Sounds This week I was required to do an online Harassment Prevention Training course. This is ongoing entertainment industry fallout from Harvey Weinstein’s behavior and the #MeToo era. I suppose it’s partly to train us on expected behaviors, but it’s also a CYA move from the studios so theyContinue reading “Harassment Prevention Training”