2021 Reflections/Refractions

What just happened? 2021 Final Edition. Texting holiday greetings with a friend from a job I used to have a long time ago in a place far, far away, he asks whether 2021 was a “good year”. The honest answer: not really. It wasn’t bad, yet it wasn’t good, or anything you’d want to repeat.Continue reading “2021 Reflections/Refractions”

Worn Out vs. Burned Out

Working a Saturday and looking at some of the elements of both. I ended up working another Saturday on this HBO Max comedy series. This is not unusual towards the end of a season when you’re trying to keep a schedule and make deadlines. It does wear you out after a while, but that’s somehowContinue reading “Worn Out vs. Burned Out”

I Bought a Hat

Reinventing myself. A struggle with perception. I have a complicated relationship with clothing. I grew up in a family that had zero interest in appearances and mostly dressed us in the cheapest things available. There might be some perverse nobility in that but I do not recommend it for social, personal or professional development. MaybeContinue reading “I Bought a Hat”

A New Beginning

In which we look for opportunities in the midst of chaos. 2020 has certainly been disruption on a scale unlike anything I’ve seen before. I’m not sure we know how to react to it yet, either individually or collectively, personally or culturally. Maybe, though, it’s an opportunity for new beginnings. One new beginning is IContinue reading “A New Beginning”