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Aliens Among Us

ASD & Epidemics

Maybe we can learn something about ASD from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Rain in LA

A low probability event. It’s raining in LA this morning. Usually, chaos ensues. It’s partly that people are not prepared for it and don’t know how to drive in it. It’s partly because the storm drains become instantly overwhelmed flooding roads and intersections. But it’s also very peaceful and gives a different vibe to theContinue reading “Rain in LA”

This Week on ABC

In which I finally get to edit an episode of US network television. Last Monday my episode of The Good Doctor aired in the US on the ABC network (Ep312 “Mutations”). This is the culmination of 3 years on the show as an assistant editor, after 5 years of revamping my career by moving toContinue reading “This Week on ABC”

Happy New Year 2020!

Since it’s 2020 I really want to write a tech diatribe on why we don’t have flying cars or real AI yet, but I’ll hold off on that. Maybe it’s enough to say we seem obsessed with the future in a way that devalues the present; indulging in vicarious chronological arrogance. Maybe it doesn’t helpContinue reading “Happy New Year 2020!”

On The Spectrum

DAVID: My wife (a child psychologist), randomly threw out the comment one day, that she thought that I might be “on the spectrum”. Which immediately went over my head. It didn’t compute. I had no context for what “on the spectrum” meant. She could just have easily said that I was “lavender”. Lavender the colour??Continue reading “On The Spectrum”

Welcome to Aliens Among Us

[ David’s Introduction / Craig’s Introduction] DAVID’S INTRODUCTION I always knew that I was different. When I was a little kid, the other kids would be off playing, while I was talking to the adults about future technological changes and the impact on society. Not your normal 7 year old kid. As I got older,Continue reading “Welcome to Aliens Among Us”

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